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Why do you like things?

Surprisingly, answering this question isn't necessary for providing our members with an experience relevant to their interests.

Authentic Society is on a mission to identify your interests in a completely new way that has never been done before. Traditional approaches to solving this problem have been to take large amounts of social networking data such as relationships with people and take the best guess.

We have something different in mind that we believe will deliver an extraordinary amount of precision and therefore solve the problem of meaningless social networking.

Our approach is simple and lies in the user interface of Authentic Society which plays an integral role in offering the best interest-based experience to our members.

Talk to people who share and understand your interests

Select channels that match your favorite things and connect with people to discuss them.

Just type your interests and instantly connect with communities to discuss your interests or hobbies and learn new things:

Read messages from people whose opinions are ranked

All messages in all channels are validated by the community on a specific subject, so it is easy to trust the information. Most trusted members are the people who post messages that are relevant to that channel's subject. The more approval people receive from the community the more privileged their messages become. When you earn enough authority over a period of time, your messages become privileged and will be displayed above less significant contributors regardless of what time during the day they were posted.

Be found by people who need your knowledge and services

For generations people have been offering their talents and knowledge in exchange for money or goods. Until now, they had to rely on their sense of instinct to determine the legitimacy of the producer of that value. Authentic Society makes it easy to determine the skill and knowledge of individuals offering services in different industries. It works because the rank of these professional individuals is acknowledged by an entire community of people who actually understand the importance of their craft.

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