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Authentic Society

Authentic Society version 2 coming soon. Which is a well-forgotten original. The layout has been fixed and there are just a few adjustments left to make them entirely mobile!

Subjects that are coming up (I'm adding them here as a reference of what to expect next)

Original Authentic Society articles from early 2000

These articles were written in early 2000's. Some of the papers here do not represent my current opinions or interests anymore. And are provided here for encyclopedic and historical purpose!

JavaScript Game Development Tutorials on YouTube

Movie History, Reviews, Synopsis, Ending Interpretations

Gardening and Lawn Care

Vacation and Travel Destinations


Not my favorite subject to write about, mainly because there is only so much you can say about a product. But still, people search for these things online, and all kind of odd things people are looking for are fun to make pages for.

Other free resources, links and websites

website where I will post my drawings that I have recently created. It's just for fun.

Awesome articles on your favorite subjects. No Spam.
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