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Extra Large / Oversized Beach Towels / 60" x 70"

Oversized beach towels

Size: 70 x 40          get it here
An Oversized Beach Towel

Oversized Beach Towel
with Geometrical Flower Design

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Size: 70 x 40          get it here
A Tommy Holfiger Oversized Beach Towel with Crabs

Tommy Hilfiger Oversized Beach Towel
with crab design

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Oversized or extra large beach towels come in many dimensions, colors and texture varieties. Some are made out of 100% cotton velour, while affordable ones can be manufactured from cheaper materials and therefore bought for a lesser price.

The dimensions of the oversized beach towels usually fall into a rectangle sized 64" by 34" inches, but other sizes are available from different manufacturers.

There are many types of oversized beach towels ranging from solid color, towels with embroidered designs, towels with funny and humorous pictures printed on them, as well as many other different varieties. The weight of an average oversized beach towel is usually about 1 pound.

Beach towels are cheap but still can be a great birthday present, especially if the pictures or logos printed on the towel can in some way match the personality of your friend or family relative you're planning on giving the towel to. Funny beach towels are sure to put a smile on someones face or get a few laughs out of your friends.

Oversized beach towels come in many sizes many of which you can. For example, a regular beach towel's dimensions are 60 by 30 inch. An oversized beach towel can come in dimensions of 70 by 40 inches, or slightly smaller, such as 64 by 34 inches.

There seems to be no standard size when it comes to oversized beach towels, and they all can come in the dimension the manufacturer chooses them to be.

A comparison between a regular and an oversized extra large beach towel

All an extra large beach towel is, a rectangular piece of cloth that is larger in size than a bath towel. Although beach towels are used for drying off after shower or swimming in the ocean's water, it is most widely used for the purpose of providing a surface to lie on.

Another use of a beach towel would be using it to cover private areas of ones body in social places such as the public beach. Beach towels can also be used for wiping off the sand off ones body. They often are printed with colorful patterns.

Some beach towels are printed with exotic animals such as tigers, lions or other wild cats. Popular extra large beach towel types include cabana stripes, jacquard, tropical and solid color towels.

Biggest oversized beach towel for two peopleThe biggest oversized beach towel for two people

Size: 60 x 60          get it
Oversized striped picnic mat beach towel for two

This is a huge square striped beach towel for two. It also can be used as a picnic mat. You can get this beach towel here

Biggest oversized beach towelBiggest oversized beach towel for one person
Common oversize beach towelA common oversized beach towel dimensions
Regular beach towel sizeRegular size beach towel

Oversized beach towels have one obvious advantage over the regular size towel. They can be used as a family picnic mat, or they can be used by two people to lay out in the sun on the beach. Their dimensions help to store more items away from the dirt, rocks or sand on the beach, perfect for keeping things such as cellphones, books, sunglasses and bags clean.

Another advantage of using the oversized beach towel is that it allows you to keep it for yourself and use your old regular size towel for drying your dog. They are also very good for making dog beds, protecting back seats of cars from dogs, and so on.

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