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Zoysia grass: lawn care

Zoysia Grass is also known as the supergrass by the gardeners and lawn care specialists. Sometimes the name of this type of warm-climate grass is incorrectly spelled as zosia grass or zoysa grass. The zoysia turf grass is sold as either sod, a plug grid or net. While zoysia is considered to be one of the most durable types of grass, it is a popular type (and a more appropriate type) of grass for southern regions of United States such as New Mexico, Hawaii, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, or Orlando Florida.

Puerto Rico is also known for effectively using the zoysia grasses in the yard. Expert gardener's advice suggests that zoysia should not be planted in northern regions of United States, or where the climate is not very warm, humid or dry. Zoysia is a thick, hardy grass that not only chokes out weeds, but requires less mowing, watering, and fertilizing once it has been established in the lawn.

This page is carefully organized for readers who are looking not to find the best zoysia grass for their lawn. Here you will also find various other zoysia grass information such as learning about planting, seeding, fertilizing and taking care of the zoysia lawn. It's important to note that the right climate and right soil are necessary to enjoy the full benefits of this turf.

Probably the most noticeable "con" (advantage) of zoysia is its recovery rate. During the periods of drought or watering restrictions, zoysia can go dormant quickly. Zoysia comes in several varieties that differ in texture. Gardeners and people who care about their lawns are encouraged to do additional research into the climate of the environment where they live before choosing any type of grass.

Planting Zoysia

Where can zoysia be planted? Zoysia is known for its durability and toughness. This grass grows where the other types don't, but it's recovery rate is slower than some of the other types such as the bermuda grass. Zoysia grass supplies are usually ordered be planted in the southern areas of United States, some in Puerto Rico. It is a kind of a grass that doesn't adapt well to climates where long winter periods abound.

One of the most popular regions for planting zoysia grass is possibly throughout the Florida panhandle because of the humid, warm climate. If the climate in your state allows for growing palm trees, it means zoysia may be a good candidate for your lawn turf. On the other hand, this means that planting zoysia up north may not be a great idea. Other grass types and varieties should be considered.

When to plant zoysia grass? Not surprisingly, marking the beginning of the gardening season, Spring is the best time to plant zosya, which is true for many other grasses and plants.

How to plant zoysia grass?There are several different ways in which zoysia can be planted. Some people prefer buying and planting zoysia by seed, but there are other alternatives. One of the most preferred methods of planting any type of grass is by laying sod onto prepared soil surface. Sod usually comes in grass squares that are arbitrary in size.

This means the gardener has a choice of what size squares to buy. These squares usually require two average people to carry them and lay over the lawn to cover it. Garden-carers can also choose to plant grass stripes, which are like sods but are of differen dimensions. They are less heavy and easier to lay out in the lawn for one person.

Another interesting alternative to planting grass are grass plugs. These come in small, miniature squares, usually about 3" by 3" inches in size. Plugs are planted about 20 inches apart from each other but this varies and depends on the type of soil and turf.

Awesome articles on your favorite subjects. No Spam.